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Professional Hearing Aid Service in Hanoi, Vietnam
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PHUC AN Hearing Center: Professional Hearing Aid Service in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi, are you an expat in Hanoi? Are you traveling to Vietnam to work or enjoy holiday? At the same time, are you looking for a professional hearing aid service in Hanoi, Vietnam? May be you should consider buying a hearing aid in Hanoi for your convenience and also for a very very good price with international quality services.

We are Phuc An hearing Center, the international hearing – tinnitus center located at 38 Nguyen Phong Sac Street, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi, Vietnam. We are distributor for top hearing aid brands like Phonak, Siemens, Audio Service…

Our hearing aid specialist: English speaking and well trained!

Well trained English Speaking Hearing Aid dispenser in Ha Noi Vietnam - Phuc An Hearing Center
Staff performing hearing test for customer

Our founder is a Well English speaking audiologist trained in US. He’s very patient in providing you the needed consultation for your best hearing health. There’s no audiologist school in Vietnam but fortunately our hearing aid dispensing specialist was luckily trained by top manufacturers and NGOs. Therefore, we are confidence to provide best consultation for hearing aid in Hanoi.

Therefore, we are confidence to provide best consultation for hearing aid in Hanoi.

Our Facility: Real Ear measurement

The Fitting System With Full Functionality

We invest in top of the line audiology equipment including audiometers, tympanometer and especially the Real Ear Measurement system. With Real Ear Measurement we ensure the quality of the fitting that will meet 100% your hearing needs and not to over-fit or under-fit your hearing.

Our wide range product portfolio: Any of your Favorited hearing style and lifestyle

On top of that, we are proud to be the leader in technology and innovation. We only choose the best hearing technology keep up with the latest technology of the global hearing industry. You can now enjoy the best hearing aid in Hanoi with very very affordable price and no quality compromise. Our hearing aid are not only Lithium-Ion Rechargeable but also featured with Bluetooth Low-E for your full day music, phone call streaming right from your smartphone into you hearing device.

If you are the one who consider style and fashion, we provide you the best form of device to match your individual lifestyle form invisible CIC hearing aid to slim-RIC hearing gadget.

Medimusik.com: Our tinnitus management solution

Having a chronic tinnitus that bothering you all day long? We have a solution to manage and relief it. Please find out more in our Medimusik website: www.medimusik.com

Let us give you a reason to comeback to Hanoi with our professional hearing aid services.

For more infomation please contact us directly via SMS, Phone, Whassap at +84 818788000 or email [email protected]

For more information of our hearing aid portfolio pleas visit: https://vuinghe.com/may-tro-thinh/